Tours - Finger Licking Foodie Tours
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Finger Licking Foodie Tours

    This 2 ½-hour casual, afternoon stroll of eating and exploring provides the best overview of Vegas, plus leaves plenty of free time for a night on the town afterward. Features 5 exciting stops to satisfy each and every palate.


Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of Stops: 5

It’s Vegas, baby – a total overload of the senses. But we’ve got you. Let us help you get the most bang out of your visit with our convenient, easy-on-the-tootsies walking tour that combines sensational sight-seeing with Instagram-ready boss eats. Talk about a win-win.

This 2 ½-hour tour hits 5 restaurants in one trip. At each place, you’ll chow down on a delish nosh. At the end, you’ll leave with a full stomach and doing a happy dance.

There’s no endless scrolling online to figure out where to eat. There’s no putting up with calling or going online to book your own restaurant reservations. In short, no headaches, no stress, and no work involved. We take out all the hassles. For extra fun, we purposely don’t reveal the names

of the restaurants beforehand because, well, half the fun is in the surprise. On the relaxed walk between stops, our friendly local guide will point out some of the coolest sights around. You’ll learn crazy interesting factoids about the city sure to impress your friends later.

Perfect for singles, couples or families, this afternoon tour cleverly leaves your night free, so you can chill – or party-hearty. No judging. Because we are a home-grown company, our guides know this city inside and out, and can easily provide trusted advice on where to go next, be it a romantic bar, sizzling show or happening club.

Let us help you eat and explore your way through Vegas in a way like never before.

  • Downtown Las Vegas Foodie Tour

    Leave the casinos behind for a 2.5-hour tour to get acquainted with the newly revitalized booming downtown that boasts the city’s most dynamic food scene with chef-driven restaurants focused on original, seasonal, and farm-to-table fare.


Duration: 2.5 hours
Number of Stops: 5

Been there, done that, with the glitz of the Strip? Then, dare to get off the beaten path to hang in a district where authenticity rules. Vegas’ historic downtown has gone big, bam, boom. Artists, makers, and chef-driven restaurants have revitalized and transformed the downtown with plucky verve and vibe.

Get to know this new “It’’ neighborhood, a non-stop showcase for one-of-a-kind Burning Man sculptures, arresting public murals, and eccentrically goofy, retro motel signs sure to blow up your social media.

This 2 ½-hour tour hits 5 distinctive restaurants in one trip. At each place, you’ll chow down on a mouthwatering, scratch-made nosh. At the end,

you’ll leave with a happy tummy and a full spirit. And you won’t have had to lift a finger – to book your own restaurant reservations or scroll your phone to research information – because we take care of it all for you.

Along the way, our friendly local guide will lead you at a leisurely clip to see unique artwork, as well as the hidden details that are like the special sauce that adds extra flair and flavor to this neighborhood. Boogie through the Container Park, where old shipping containers have been converted into restaurants, boutiques, and live music locales. How cool is that?

You’ll be in the know about downtown’s history, its makeover, and what makes it tick now. Explore all its interesting nooks and crannies, which even many locals don’t know about.

This tour will open your eyes to a side of Vegas that’s got it going on in a whole different way. Experience the old Vegas that’s now the new Vegas.